BPS Index

Brainville's Business Politics Society Index is to serve as a tool for the continuous monitoring of the developments in North Africa and encompasses the key areas of economic, political and social change in the region. Created by the Brainville team in close cooperation with representatives of the business community and civil society, the BPS Index will be regularly updated and will empower analysts as well as stakeholders to identify upcoming trends in the dynamic societies of the region at an early stage. Furthermore, the index will provide a database to analytically accompany the further progression of the developments.

In contrast to existing indexes which usually have a global approach, the BPS Index concentrates on North Africa exclusively: With this method, Brainville is convinced to be able to create a representative and analytically valuable comparability without having to compromise on the recognition of undeniable regional differences. This novel approach allows the generation of statistically solid results which are the imperative basis of a reliable and at the same time tangible analysis of the region.
In addition to a number of questions in the areas of society, education and politics, the BPS Index focusses especially on the economic framework conditions and perspectives, which acknowledges the growing interest of the international business community in the region.
As the BPS Index is universal enough to allow for analytical comparison, yet adapted to the region, it serves international investors as a reliable indicator for business perspectives.

Brainville is member of the Euro-Mediterranean-Arab-Association Hamburg.

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